He is the 5th generation astrologer and acquired this talent from his previous generations who were well  read in this science form.

He has been endowed with this blessing to make accurate predictions which is also a result of deep study and vast research in Vedic literature and applying the nuances in problem solving for his clients.

He has developed an in- depth knowledge in the ancient form of Panch Pakshi, Mantra, Vastu, Numerology and Remedial Sciences.

He has been very successful in providing remedies to many clients who have come to him in distress.

He ensures that he develops a positive environment in the lives of his clients so that the right vibrations are set forth to remove all obstacles from their lives thus success is bound to occur.

He aims at overall wellbeing so that no stone is left unturned to help the client. His integrity, trustworthiness and simplicity have earned him a clientele from all walks of life, both domestically and abroad.