Astrology reveals the will of the Gods. Seeing our confusion, ancient sages like Parashara, Jaimini and Bhrigu bestowed the great intuitive science of astrology on humankind. In India astrology is called "the eye of the Veda" because with its help we're no longer blind to the forces of karma that drive our lives and determine the circumstances we live in, as well as shaping our attitudes and relationships.

The sages themselves don't need astrology because they can see directly into the heart of reality. But astrology is like a prosthetic limb for the rest of us who're confined to far more limited states of awareness. It allows us to foresee challenges and opportunities ahead as we pass (or fail) the curricula of the cosmic university

It is very important to take recourse to the Nakshatras when a person is looking for a life partner. It is of utmost importance that both the people are compatible to each other to have a happy life. Shri Vighnesh’s accurate readings and predictions are certainly reliable and one can get a clear picture of what is in store for him. It is certainly better that you take some divine help from the stars to have a successful partnerships of healthy relationships.

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This analysis portrays the Matches of two Horoscopes for better or worse.

This compatibility chart is based on different aspects. Relationships can be between friends, lovers, prospective bride and groom, employer and employee, a father and son or business partners

This report uses ancient ASTROLOGICAL principles of compatibility analysis between two horoscopes and contains our final recommendations for each aspect of compatibility and their modern relevance. This includes mind, body and soul compatibility.