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Personal Horoscope

Personal horoscope identifies a person's present, past and future with reference to the 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets. A personal horoscope can help in identifying the major life events.

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Corporate Consultancy

Role of a Corporate Astrologer has become more important in the present scenario. Nowadays all corporate employees and organizations take help from professional astrologers to solve their problems.

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Matrimonial Matching

Are you inquisitive about your compatibility with your partner else or are you just looking for insight into your relationship? If so, then you will most likely find one of your details in depth compatibility reports which will be very informative and helpful to you.

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About Us

“There are various occasions and incidents which actually led me to study astrology. It has been a long journey since i first saw my father and grandfather practicing the same and offering the same services to a dedicated clientele. I am proud that I have inherited some skills from by talented ancestors. I am a 5th generation practitioner of astrology.

“Can astrology change my destiny for the better? Indeed, it can to some extent with the right code of conduct, remedies and calculations. Career, business and marriage can have better outcomes with my advice.”

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