Panchpakshi Astrology

Pancha pakshi is uncommon and covert science originating from South Indian Tamil nadu state. It is more 5000 Years since the first use of this astrology came into being. The specialty of this science involves techniques which helps you overcome problems and get tasks done with ease.
The nature of consultancy is different from standard astrology types. Here the consultancy is done through the whatsapp.
The important point is using this science for worldly achievement and spiritual upliftment. This system teaches you to put your energy flow from the cosmic level to the earth level. Your knowledge of the energy variations during the day helps you in scheduling tasks according to the energy variations.
Five elements Viz. Fire, Earth, Air,Water and Ether so Five birds, Vulture, Owl,Crow,Cock, Peacock and it’s work is divided into five, Viz.Rule,Walk, Eat, Sleep, Die(Negative energy). When you know each day which time your energy flow is ful potential, your work will be smoothly finished without any botheration.
Using this information, I have brought success in various spheres of life like Career, Business, Relationship problem, Court Cases, Divorce, Political winning, Curing long illness.
Personal horoscope defines a person’s present, past and future on the basis of the 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets. The gems, jewels and lucky charms are an indirect link to bring balance to a person’s life based on unfavorable planetary positions. Similarly, one can plan auspicious life events like marriages and house warming based on favorable planetary conditions.
“The occasions which led to my exploring the varied dimensions of astrology make up a long journey. As a child I would often watch my father and grandfather offer advice to clients. They were both renowned for their predictions. I am proud that I am being given with their genes and blessings and there is no surprise that is continuing this profession as a person from 5th generation.

“Can my astrological guidance change your destiny? A question I have been often asked. My reply is that at the right time, the right code of conduct and the right method to perform a task always aid success whether in a career, business, marriage or even life.”