The solutions suggested by this astrologer are simple and doable.
His strong knowledge of all these astrological aspects helps him in giving sound remedies to his clients who can safely rely on them to have an obstruction free personal & professional life.
Shri Vighnesh’s ocean of understanding should be availed of for a good and progressive life.
Karma Dosh occurs due to Saturn aspecting or associating with luminaries (*SUN / MOON / MARS). For this usually one has to do 1.Neelakanta Treshi. Porpitiating Lord Shankar. When Milk Ocean was churned poison came out initially and then Amrit/Nectar came out. Everyone was initially afraid of the poison, which was consumed by Lord Shankar and Parvati get hold his neck. It resulted in the blue color of Lord Shiva’s Neck. Then Lord Shankar known as NEELAKANTA. The significance of this event signifies papa karma and punya karma. According to our karma-germination of seeds which has to fructify we suffer or enjoy happiness. When we face continuous setbacks, our horoscopes will indicate whether one has to offer a particular puja to get over the bad spell. After offering this puja, Lord Shiva absolves our sins and helps us get back to our mainstream life.
Usually Graha dosh means due to improper placement of planets may result in our suffering. To pacify Planets in the wrong transits, we must offer the graham dosha pujas.
Nakshatra Shanthi involves birth star remedies.
Satru samhara Puja-Siva-Karthikeya-Trishati to block unknown enemies, silent enemies those who stand up in the path of our success and causing obstructions directly or indirectly, to get rid of the problem one has to perform this puja.
All the pujas done by Shri Vighneshji uses pure Vedic pundits who work in close coordination with him. He is a very reliable name in the markets of New York, USA.
Other remediations include Prosperity puja, Santana Prapti, Maha Mritunjay for conquering disease or upcoming misfortunes .
Lakshmi Kubera Dhana Akarshana Bairava puja provides improvements in all types of business.
PANCHA PAKSHI puja those who are initiated by Shri Vighneshji.

If you are affected by BLACK MAGIC then you can take his assistance to remove the spells.